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Beagle is constantly searching for valuable ideas, new tools and, ultimately, the best professionals. We are willing to offer you a brand new level of recruitment services.

Video Recruitment

Beagle’s own nation-wide video network provides us with the opportunity to conduct video interviews with perfect communication quality, as well as make recordings, so you can replay interviews. We are the first company to introduce this new video recruitment service at a professional level.

Geographical Footprint

The vast nation-wide network of Beagle offices embraces the major macro-regions of the Russian Federation, namely the Central Federal District; the Northwestern Federal District; the Southern Federal District, the Volga Federal District; Kuban; the Black Earth Region.

Universal Search Standards

If you contact any Beagle office in Russia, you will be provided with the best available access to our consolidated resources and data. And the Unified Researchers Institute guarantees the same high standards of personnel search all over Russia.

Industry Model

We share the same vision of our clients’ businesses as they do. Industry specialization ensures a systematic comprehensive approach to every industry and allows us to hone in a perfect candidate in no time.