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Industry Model

We share the same vision of our clients’ businesses as they do. We understand that a manufacturing shop and a marketing department of the same company are part of a common business culture. And their unifying element serves as key criteria in our search.

Corporate vision serves as a driver for business development and it is only by keeping this in mind that it is possible to strike a balance between the interests of a company and a candidate. Every person is unique, and so is every company. And this means that every project is unique as well.

In order for us to see the big picture, we developed a new industry model. Its elements provide for a systematic approach to any industry, giving insight to business processes and their interconnections and a better understanding of the specifics of a certain profession. Thus the search for a required position is performed within a particular industry field. This narrows the focus and allows us to find the perfect candidate and carry out a project efficiently. As a result, the company then gets the specialist it requires, not a «come-and-go» employee.

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