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Universal Search Standards

Universal Search Standards

In our work we employ an integrated information system which embraces the whole of Russia. All data is organized and updated on an ongoing basis. There is no risk of an information lag between the center and provinces.

As a result, when you contact any Beagle office located in Russia, you will be provided with the best available access to consolidated resources and data. There is no gap in quality between services provided in Moscow, Krasnodar, or Kazan. Common databases and a unified project management system guarantee consistent operations across all the branches. This is particularly significant when managing nationwide projects which require advanced coordination.

There are different approaches in performing a search. But if you are after a consistently strong performance, then a comprehensive manageable approach is required. This is why the Beagle operates according to an integrated system, which guarantees consistently high corporate standards of personnel search nationwide.

Due to the intensive training sessions we conduct in compliance with our universal standards, our «trademark style» can be seen in the work of all our researchers and consultants.

The development of researchers who specialize in labor market analysis and candidates’ initial screening eliminates the weakness risk in a project’s implementation, and allows us to manage projects more accurately and efficiently. The clarity of our goals and our continuous search for candidates enable us to save our clients’ time.

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