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Transparency and Control

  • How is the search going?
  • Does the search take into account all the requirements?
  • Are there enough candidates for all the positions?
  • To what extent is staffing complete?

The Personal Video Office is a new useful service available for Beagle clients. Now HR-managers can monitor updates on their project and view video interviews with candidates in a user-friendly format. The new service makes an HR manager’s work much more convenient, with no need to download any video files.

The Personal Video Office is accessed through the Beagle website. All you need is the Internet, as all the video recordings are converted into formats compatible with all Internet browsers and do not require additional software. A recruiter creates a personal account for each client company and an individual password for each HR manager.

The client’s The Personal Video Office holds only the recordings made specifically for the project; the recordings are organized by client and not available to others. The safety of candidates’ personal data is guaranteed.