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Video Recruitment

In Russia, Beagle is currently the only company which offers its clients a video recruitment service. It is an innovative personnel search tool whose usage is not geographically limited.

What is video recruitment? It is next generation video conferencing which takes a nation-wide staff search to the next level. We offer a cutting edge, advanced standard of recruitment services already sought after by our clients — major Russian and foreign companies.

The volume of information being perceived by experts:
Personal communication Telephone call Video sharing
Opportunity to not only hear, but also see the person reduces the risk of misunderstandings and erroneous conclusions.

«Live» Long-Distance Interview

Do you want to meet the best candidates from other cities in person? Use a video linkup! We will arrange live interviews with candidates in any region of Russia or anywhere in the world. And up to 16 participants may be connected up to the interview.

A Recorded Interview is an Important Addition to a CV and References

Along with CVs and references, we can provide you with recorded video interviews right from the initial search stage. No detail will be overlooked. And the key to the solution is often in the details. You can record interviews with candidates so that, if necessary, you can refresh your memory, or show a recording to your colleagues regardless of where they are based.

Cost-Effectiveness and Convenience

Video recruitment reduces the time and costs required to conduct personal interviews and country-wide trips, and provides the opportunity to proceed directly to the main point, i.e. visual contact. Video network employment, along with other additional services, is free for Beagle’s clients and candidates.

Development Not Restricted by Location

Beagle’s national video network embraces all the major macro regions of Russia. It enables our clients to recruit personnel on a nation-wide basis and gives candidates the chance to develop their career without geographical restrictions.

What do you need to conduct a video interview?

  • Sign up as a Beagle client — call one of our offices, or send us a request
  • Install the Video Client program and get a login password from a Beagle consultant
  • Set the time to conduct the video interview and you are ready to go

A candidate may be interviewed at any of the Beagle offices, or at home.