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For a Candidate

We can help you to find the job which will meet your current interests and offer new opportunities for your future.

The World is Rapidly Changing

Many of the present-day highest paying jobs did not even exist ten years ago. It is essential to constantly expand our outlook to make the most of these changes.

Beagle Works with Leading Russian and International Companies

Most of these employers hire professional recruiters to solve their HR challenges. So, contacting us job seekers get access to the most attractive positions offered by the market leaders. Please, send us your CV at, and we will immediately contact you as soon as we have a job opening that corresponds to your skills, experience, and interests.

We Guarantee your Confidentiality

When processing and storing personal data of our candidates, it is important for us to ensure security of this data. In order to make our activities related to data processing mostly transparent and comprehensive for you, we make public The Regulations on the Processing of Personal Data.