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How We Work

  1. Contacting Beagle

    You can submit a request either through this site, or call any of the Beagle offices. Our experts will accept your request, make an initial expertise, and arrange a meeting at your convenience.

  2. Meeting the Beagle experts

    Our experts will advise you on all the issues related to your request, give you info on current market trends, and discuss project development perspectives.

  3. Project Proposal

    A business development manager in cooperation with an industry expert will put together a project implementation proposal for you. The proposal sets out the project implementation plan and tools, a search map, the time frame and fee.

  4. Closing the Contract

    This stage involves negotiating the terms of the work, getting your approval and signing the contract. We give thorough consideration to all your suggestions and are committed to ultimate transparency of terms.

  5. Project Implementation

    Based on the individual characteristics of each project, we build up a team of experts with the best knowledge in the required filed. These experts are qualified to address all the issues that may arise during the project implementation.

  6. Project completion

    Once the project is completed, you can enjoy the results that you wanted to achieve when you contacted Beagle: the new employee starts the job, the new team is ready to go, an efficient solution for temporary agency work has been created, and so on.

  7. Payment

    Beagle prepares the final documents against which payment for services rendered is affected.

  8. Client Support

    We support you both during the project’s implementation and upon its completion. Should you have any complaints with regard to the employee’s performance, or should the employee be dismissed, Beagle will uphold its guarantee liabilities.