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Beagle is a modern recruitment company which provides a comprehensive range of staff recruitment and management services.

We entered the recruitment market to be the first to develop and introduce innovative solutions creating breakthrough tools. At present it is a nation-wide network and video recruitment. Tomorrow we will develop a new solution. And we will be the only company to employ it.

Our strategy is based on our striving to exceed expectations. Our services, technologies, and comprehensive approach are essentially different from the standards widely accepted by the industry. In the ever-changing world those who make the most of new opportunities, they gain an advantage. And those people, who are open to new ideas, enjoy limitless opportunities.

We use a unique information system and technologies that are innovative both in Russia and in the industry overall. Development of a strong regional network which operates from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok in compliance with the unified search standards requires solutions which are unparalleled in the global recruitment market. And we are willing to offer these solutions.