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HR market changes are inevitable. We saw our opportunity to become the market leader so we embarked on a quest for the best HR approach. The result of this was a unique strategy, and a team of experts and like-minded people. Oh, and a new name.

Why «Beagle»? The beagle is an English hunting dog which reacts quickly to new situations. The ship aboard which Charles Darvin made his round-the-world journey bore the same name. His five-year expedition resulted in the development of the revolutionary «Origin of Species» theory. It remains to be seen what the future has in store for us in five years time. But we have made a good start.

Beagle entered the market in early 2010 and introduced a brand new approach to personnel recruitment and management. We kept hold of the benefits of a traditional recruitment model, but upgraded it with our outside-the-box solutions and expanded the range of technical aids.

Today Beagle has a vast network of offices located in the key macro-regions of Russia. Video communication capabilities and a common information space has enabled us to integrate all the domestic operations of our branch offices.

The company’s headquarters is located in one of Moscow’s best business centers — Fabrika Stanislavskogo Business Center. It is colorful and stylish, and stands out from standard offices. We aimed to create a space where vision comes naturally and you can look to the future with enthusiasm.