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Social Compliance

Social compliance is our voluntary contribution to the development of society.

Efficient Use of Resources

One important area of social compliance for us is the use of safe, energy-efficient technologies. Innovative solutions provide a real opportunity to decrease environment pollution and excess energy consumption. We have made the first step by replacing trips and flights with video conferencing.

Work without Limits

Beagle conducts webinars for people with disabilities, assisting them with integration into the business community. There are many professionals with disabilities, and we believe it is important to share our knowledge with everyone.


Beagle’s day-to-day activities comply with saving energy and natural resources guidelines. As part of the Save a Tree social program, we collect and send waste paper to a recycling company, where the paper starts «a new life».

A New Generation of Blue Collar Workers

Beagle has implemented its New Generation of Blue Collar Workers social program in order to provide jobs to young people with college degrees and encourage their career growth in enterprises which hold potential for the economic development of a region.