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Our team

We use puzzle pieces in our corporate identity. Each piece is essential for the big picture, but this picture is never the same. Pieces from one puzzle won’t fit into another. The same is true for people. Only an employee who fits in a company perfectly will ensure its integrity.

Building a strong team is a challenging task. We have our own concept of a modern recruitment agency, and the energy and motivation to fulfill our most ambitious plans. What brings us together is the belief that success in the world of today requires being totally committed and thinking outside the box.

There are no «come and go» employees in our company. And our goal is to ensure that these kinds of employees do not work for our clients’ companies either. We want teams that build the future, rather than those that try to foretell it.

Natalia Fridrikova
General Manager

Natalia has been working in recruitment more than 17 years. Natalia started her recruitment career in 1998 in the Vladivostok branch of the ANCOR recruitment holding, where she moved up from a branch consultant to the head of a group of consultants in the headquarters. Natalia has been working in Beagle since 2010 and has been fully engaged in the company’s establishment since its start-up. For a year and a half Natalia held the position of the Head of the Industrial Practice and was in charge of strategic development, management of client activities and business operations within the practice, as well as its financial performance. Since September 2011 Natalia has been the General Manager of the Beagle recruitment company.