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Beagle provides both traditional and video recruitment services all over the Russian Federation, for every industry, and for positions at all levels:

  • search and recruitment of specialists and managers
  • search and recruitment of specialist entry level, Blue Collar Workers

Our experience, market expertise, and our wide range of business contacts ensure that we take an individual approach to every vacancy. When you work with Beagle, you may depend upon the timely and efficient recruitment of specialists, compliance with business ethical standards, and our concern for your convenience.

Recruitment is a high-technology multistage process. But we do not keep it «under wraps». Our clients do not feel that a candidate appeared from nowhere. From the moment the contract is signed, until the project is completed, we make the recruitment process entirely transparent. There is no risk of a gap between the initial search parameters and the final results.

Our unique video conferencing and video recording capabilities also serve as a quality control tool at every stage of recruitment. Video interviewing technology provides an opportunity to see what is missed on paper and avoid misunderstandings. In addition, the details of the recorded interview will not be forgotten. Replaying and analyzing video recordings allow for avoiding subjectivity when assessing a candidate.

Searching for candidates is just the first step in the right direction. The key lies in the accurate assessment of a candidate’s potential, building a rapport with candidates and finding a solution that will give momentum to the company’s development and the employee’s feeling of self-fulfillment. We pay particular attention to motivating the specialists whom a client is seeking to employ. Beagle consultants knowledgeably define and state the factors which may influence a candidate’s choice.


Beagle provides guarantees to its clients. If the employee is dismissed or leaves during the first 100 consecutive days (60 for junior positions) from the start date, we will provide you with a replacement at no extra charge. For managerial and executive positions, the guarantee term may be extended.

Search Technologies

  • Executive search (including distance search in Russia and CIS)
  • Referrals-based search
  • Online search (social networks, professional communities, blogs, forum)
  • The Beagle database search
  • Jobs vacancies advertised in the media or on the Internet

Project Stages

  • Negotiating vacancy characteristics and search parameters with a client
  • Search mapping
  • Comprehensive search
  • Telephone screening
  • Face-to-face interviewing
  • Section of the best candidates
  • Presenting CV and video interviews to the client
  • Arranging candidates’ face-to-face or video interviews with a client
  • Confidential check into candidates’ references
  • Follow-up services when a candidate quits their current job and starts their new job
  • Follow-up on the candidate during the trial period